Border Television expand across the airwaves …

Date: Saturday 26th July 1997

BORDER Television have reshaped their radio interests under a new company called Border Radio Holdings Ltd. (BRH).

BRH are wholly owned by Border Television and will be chaired by David Trimble, a non-executive director of Border TV. The chief executive will be Peter Brownlow and the group managing director is John Myers.

The chairman of Border Television, James Graham, and other directors, Robin Burgess and Andrew Quinn, also join the board.

Peter Brownlow is also managing director of Border Television, while John Myers is managing director of Century Radio in the North East.

John Myers will immediately assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation of Border Radio Holdings. He has an impressive track record in radio, having launched Red Rose Gold, CFM and Century Radio.


The reorganisation demonstrates the company’s commitment to radio after impressive regional licence wins and the recent acquisition of Sun FM in Sunderland for £1.7 million.

“The new holding company will not affect Border’s strategy of ensuring each radio station has significant delegated authority to pursue a commitment to properly reflecting local interests and needs under its own independent chairman,” said a company spokesman.

Border currently own or have substantial interests in Century Radio (North East); Radio 106 (East Midlands); Sun FM (Sunderland); CFM (Carlisle); and Alpha Radio (Darlington).

Border also have applications lodged with the Radio Authority for further licences in the Solent and Cheshire area through their subsidiary, Investors in Radio. They also intend to submit an application for the North West regional licence, which is due to be announced at the end of this year.


Peter Brownlow said: “We have invested heavily in radio, which is now showing through our bottom line, but the market is growing quickly and we need to ensure we remain focused and ready for the future. The reorganisation of our radio business will ensure the impressive growth achieved to date continues.”

John Myers said: “Very soon, the company will be employing more than 100 people and broadcasting to a potential audience of five million listeners. I look forward to growing the company even further.”