Caught out by complex keypad at car park

Date: Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, White Moss Common car park, beside Grasmere, is very popular with visitors to the Lakes, including those from overseas, as it as a good starting point for many excellent short walks.

Lowther Estates, as land owner, has contracted Park with Ease (ironic title!) to operate the car park. It has installed a sophisticated new parking machine which recognises car registration numbers and charges accordingly.

However, the machine’s control panel/keypad is like none I’ve seenelsewhere and is quite complex to operate and has few instructions.

On 3rd June I parked here and onleaving paid the appropriate fee. The machine neither gave me a receipt nor seemed to be provided with any means to reclaim my money and start again, so I left hoping all would be well. On returning home I decided to complain but could not find any contact details for the car park operators, so I e-mailed Lowther Estates.

However, Park with Ease is now trying to fine me £25. On appeal it has accepted that I did pay the £2 parking charge but claims that as I keyed in the wrongregistration number I am still liable for the penalty charge.

My dispute with the company continues, but I wonder how many other drivers,perhaps from elsewhere in Europe or the USA, have been caught this way. What a friendly impression of our county it gives! Yours etc,


Owsen Place, Lamplugh.