International politician stops off for a bite …

Date: Friday 5th September 2014

ONE of America’s leading politicians, Secretary of State John Kerry, made a good impression on staff at the Kings Head,Ravenstonedale, when he stopped by for lunch.

Mr. Kerry was described as “friendly and polite” by the staff who served him a “light lunch” at the village pub. Manager Beverley Fothergill said she was “a little shocked” to find they had been hosting one of the world’s most powerful men.

His visit toRavenstonedale appears to have been very low key, with no bodyguards inevidence, and staff were not at first aware of Mr. Kerry’s identity.

“He was with another gentleman and a lady and they had a meal. He was a lovely man, very friendly,” Beverley told the Herald.

Mr. Kerry, along with President Barack Obama, is among the world leaders who gathered at Newport, Wales, this week for the NATO summit.

Beverley has managed the pub since it reopened in 2011. Other celebritydiners have included Neil Tennant, of the Pet Shop Boys.