Keswick councillors “snubbed” by neighbouring Eden

Date: Saturday 30th October 2004

KESWICK Town Council wants to know why it was snubbed by neighbouring authority Eden over a site visit to look at plans which could affect the revival scheme for the Keswick-Penrith railway link.

Councillors say they are “disappointed” that plans for a site at Flusco, near Stainton, went through without reference to them.

They are also writing to Eden District Council asking why Keswick Town Council was not invited to the site meeting despite requesting attendance.

The director of CKP Railways Ltd., Cedric Martindale, said permission for development across the line of the old railway track could increase the cost of reviving the railway by millions of pounds.

Plans for an access road on the industrial estate were approved by Eden Council planners at their meeting in Penrith last month. They said it would clear the way for development to provide jobs at Flusco.


Doubts were cast on the viability of the railway revival despite a report which spoke of the “significant” environmental and economic benefits it would bring to the area.

Eden councillors were told the rail line reopening plan was behind schedule and the project could cost £60 million.