Lifelong poet Sue prepares to release new collection

Date: Monday 12th August 2013
Sue Millard
Sue Millard

EDEN woman Sue Millard, who started writing poetry at the age of seven, is about to release a new poetry collection through publisher Prolebooks.

Sue, who lives at Greenholme, near Tebay, with husband Graham, has produced Ash Tree, which is described as "a poetic testament of love and grief". It follows the journey of a grandchild's battle through cancer with grandmother as witness and chronicler. The poems touch on hope, anger, frustration, despair and love.

The 60-year-old, who runs the writing group Orton Scribblers, spoke about her long-standing hobby. "I have been writing poetry since I was seven. It is one of those things that took off naturally. I had a teacher who was keen on teaching people to write and she encouraged me," said Sue.

Brought up at Bebington, Cheshire, Sue said she wrote about subjects which "interest, excite, move and worry" her. "I wrote a little bit when my children, Jennifer and David, were growing up but I have wrote a lot more since they have flown the nest. I have written about relationships, family and things I have observed. Living at Greenholme there is a lot to write about the countryside," she said.

She has previously self-published a collection of poetry entitled Pearl Wedding, to mark 30 years of marriage to Graham, and has had work published by different journals. These include Interpreters House and Pennine Platform, and other publications Snakeskin and Pirene's Fountain. Sue has also written a number of novels, which are Dragon Bait, Against the Odds, Coachman and The Forthright Saga.

Once Ash Tree is officially published, Sue will promote it with a number of readings. One of these will take place at Penrith's Wordsworth Bookshop and Coffee House.

Another of Sue's hobbies is carriage driving, which she teaches alongside Jennifer. Sue is also involved with the North West Carriage Driving Club and is a member of Fell Pony Society Council.

Copies of Ash Tree can be obtained from Sue, at Daw Bank, Greenholme, Tebay, CA10 3TA; or through her website