Man took overdose at mother’s home

Date: Saturday 25th January 2003

A MAN took his own life at his mother’s home, an inquest was told.

David Renyard, a father-of-two, of Smiths Arms Inn, Market Gate, had been suffering from depression before his body was found on 29th July last year. A post mortem showed that cause of death was due to an overdose of dothiepin, a drug which had been prescribed to him.

At the inquest at Carlisle on Monday, Dr. David Prosser, who treated Mr. Renyard at the Carleton Clinic, said he had known him for some time.

He had suffered from depression following the break-up of his marriage to Helen, although at the time was still living with her and their two children.

She and the youngsters had been away to see her mother as it was the school holidays and Mr. Renyard’s mother, Elizabeth, was keeping an eye on him.

But it was while at her house in Waldegrave Road, Carlisle, that he was found dead in a locked bedroom, having taken the overdose. This came as a huge shock and surprise to his family.

The coroner for North East Cumbria, Ian Morton, recorded a verdict that Mr. Renyard took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.