Parish council vetoes traffic lights plan

Date: Saturday 11th December 2004

MEMBERS of Patterdale Parish Council vetoed proposals to install traffic lights next to a boathouse alongside Ullswater in order to make it possible to install a footpath between Glenridding and Patterdale.

The council has supported plans for a footpath alongside the lake for some time, but the county council hit difficulties when it emerged that there could be a problem with subsidence if the footway was to be installed on the lake side of the road.

The alternative is for the path to be on the opposite side, but this would require the road to be narrowed and would allow only single file traffic at any one time.


The county council had proposed installing traffic lights to control the direction of traffic through the narrowed section, but members of the parish council are opposed to this.

Parish council chairman Brian Scrivens spoke at a meeting of the local committee for Eden, at Skelton, to put forward the council’s views. He said: “Patterdale Parish Council is very keen to have this footpath.

“It will encourage local children and parents to walk to school safely and allow for visitors to walk safely between Glenridding and Patterdale.

“This issue has been debated since the 1920s and we were disappointed to learn that we could lose it, but traffic lights would result in the urbanisation of a rural area. It is feared that the lights would cause traffic frustration and that additional speeding and overtaking would result.

“The police are already investigating traffic calming measures at the school and other locations.”


The committee agreed to further discuss ideas with Patterdale Parish Council. A prioritised one-way system instead of traffic lights has already been considered and thought to be unfeasible because of the bends in the road and the inability of drivers to see the system ahead.

Roger Bird (Con., Eden Lakes) said: “I hope we will finally be able to make this happen. I fully appreciate the reservations about the traffic lights.”