Penrith should be WiFi-free zone, not have free WiFi

Date: Friday 3rd July 2015

Sir, I read with dismay (Herald, 27th June) that Penrith town centre is to get free WiFi in a so-called business boost. This at a time when there is growing controversy about the safety of wireless devices and human health.

On 11th May 190 internationalscientists from 39 nations, including the UK, signed a letter to the UN expressing their grave concerns on this very issue (this has since grown to 206 scientists from 40 countries). Children are more likely to be affected by radiation from WiFi.

Penrith is tiny as towns go, it really does not warrant this and I have been told that there is already a Penrith app for people who like to use their wireless devices.

According to the Nuremberg Code of Ethics, such microwave irradiation without the express and informed consent of the people beingirradiated is classed as a violation of their human rights.

Is someone going to stand at the entrance to Middlegate and ask the people entering the town to sign a disclaimer form saying they have been informed of the possible health risks of being subjected to blanket microwave pollution and are going in anyway?

Yes, I know other towns have it, but inflicting WiFi on anunsuspecting public is outrageous, and will drive potential customers away. Possibly it will make the lives of some people a complete and utter misery if they become or are already sensitive to it. They may even sue.

Penrith has now been put on a blacklist of places with town centre WiFi. It will discourage people, of that I have no doubt. I am affected by it and don’t know if I will be able to enter the areas covered by WiFi. I certainly will not linger longer, that is if I can physically bear the pain to go into the area at all.

What of the people who live in the area to be irradiated? They do not appear to have been given a choice. It has just been announced that the scheme is to be launched on 18th July at the Penrith on a Platefestival as if it is something to be proud of. This is rash in the extreme. Did anyone do a risk assessment?

I have read about a town which has done away with WiFi andhardwired its computers because of health concerns. This is theenlightened way to go.

If Penrith wants to be abreast of the times, make the town a WiFi-free zone and ask everyone to hardwire their computers, cut out as much wireless as possible and publicise the fact far and wide.

What is so wrong with asking a friendly local where a shop is or where to get a good meal? I will spread the word, and I will do it for free. Yours etc,


Soulby Fell Farmhouse, Dacre.