Date: Saturday 23rd November 2002

SKELTON Parish Council met with lan Jack in the chair. Beside the members, Eden councillor Gordon Savage, the clerk and two members of the public were present.

At the late autumn meeting the council has to look forward not only to the next financial year but further ahead to future plans and other village projects which might require some backing and finance in the next year or so.

After much discussion and, bearing in mind the imminent refurbishment of the hall, a precept of £5,500 was set. The village hall is an important central point of local social life and badly needs a facelift. Unfortunately, money from the community fund is unlikely to be forthcoming, as the priorities of this fund have changed.

The hall committee has decided to go ahead soon with work on the kitchen and toilets, as it must do if it is to maintain its license and stay open. The council is to make a grant of up to £1,000 toward the cost of this work. Meanwhile, the hall committee plans to raise money locally with some high profile events. It is also seeking grants from other bodies.

A grant of £300 was agreed to help the local Parish Notes and others were approved for the churchyards at Hutton, Skelton and Ivegill (£240, £240 and £120, respectively).

Further information and spending details were requested before making a grant toward setting up a wildlife garden at school. Other estimates are also required before the planned work on the horse troughs at the entrance to the village and the pond at Steelgate can go ahead. Other spending items agreed concerned a noticeboard and the clerk’s and green keeper’s salaries together with estimates for grass cutting.

There was a good report from ROSPA about safety in the playground. The few minor things reported will be dealt with by councillors and more chippings put down.

Among other matters on the agenda were boundary stones and talks with Hesket Parish Council, suggesting that the whole of Ivegill village should be in one civil parish, not split between the two.

The boundary stones project will use surplus funds from the jubilee party in the summer at Hutton.

In his district report, Eden councillor Gordon Savage spoke of cars parked in Laithes, his chairmanship of a committee on health in rural areas, election expenses and trying to simplify the system, the new district solicitor Paul Foot and the Southend Road plans.

He also reported on the planning rules to use brown field sites; the new district organisation, with policy committees resulting in varying levels of responsibility; a new Eden Partnership wanting to start youth groups in the area; and a seminar he had attended at Middlesbrough where the mayor is implementing his own ideas with reference to antisocial behaviour.

From the police there was news of ongoing work to the edging and white lines of the B5305 and speed checks. Other highway matters concerned flooding at Lamonby and near Beaconside, and grit bins.


Notification had been received from Eden Council’s planning department saying the following were approved: Three barn conversions at Town Head, Lamonby; two more dwellings at the Grange, Ivegill; a sun room and garage at Treetops, Skelton; and an extension at Castle View, Ivegill.

In the pipeline were an extension to Petteril View (a query had been raised about an entrance on to the road); repairs and alterations to Scales Hall (no objections); and the erection of a workshop at Marketgate, Thomas Close (country businesses to be encouraged).

The audit has been done and the accounts for last year approved. Other items discussed were rubbish on Ellonby football pitch, and noticeboards. The date of the next meeting is Tuesday, 14th January, at the village hall (or the chapel if refurbishment has begun).