Ramblers celebrate new underpass link to river eden walks

Date: Thursday 6th March 2008

ON Saturday, Penrith group members of the Ramblers’ Association held a walk to celebrate their success in persuading the Government to provide an underpass beneath the recently opened A66 Temple Sowerby bypass.

The Highways Agency’s proposals, published in 2002, showed that two footpaths linking the village with the River Eden would be diverted, with walkers required to go alongside the new road on a much longer route. The Ramblers objected and suggested an underpass for the two paths.

At the public inquiry in 2003, footpath secretary Alan Duval presented the Ramblers’ case, with supporting evidence showing that the paths were popular being given by farmer Malcolm Robinson, of Skygarth Farm, and bypass campaign leader Dr. Gavin Young.

The Highways Agency argued that the additional cost of £170,000 was not justified, but the inquiry inspector recommended that an underpass should be provided.

The new underpass gives walkers a choice of several pleasant walks linking Temple Sowerby with the River Eden.

BELOW: Members of Penrith Ramblers at the underpass, with campaign leader Alan Duval on the left.