Seven days of evidence …

Date: Saturday 8th March 2003

THE public inquiry into the proposed £18.5 Temple Sowerby bypass and improvements at Winderwath closed on Thursday after seven days of evidence.

Inspector Derek Sleath (left) heard evidence from all those with an interest in the project, which was given the go-ahead by the Government almost a year ago.

During the hearing, much of the evidence came from the Highways Agency, which is proposing the work. But representations were also made by villagers and local groups who have campaigned long and hard for re-routing of the A66 around the village.

The Ramblers’ Association, while backing the project, objected to some elements of it, while the occupants of homes who will suffer extra noise and a lower quality of life also outlined their concerns.

But the inquiry was brought to an end with a closing statement from the Highways Agency, which concluded that a “compelling” case for a bypass had been made.

A decision is expected from Mr. Sleath in due course.