Sure-footed ponies of the fells

Date: Friday 11th December 2009

AT a meeting of Bampton and District Local History Society, members heard a talk from Sue Millard on the history of the Fell pony and development of the Fell Pony Society.

It was a fascinating account of the many ways in which the small, hardy sure-footed horses of the fells have linked together local communities and also served the wider needs of cloth and mining industries.

Ponies from the fells were used to transport goods between Kendal and London and Kendal and Southampton. A type of horse rather than a breed until the late 19th Century, the Fell pony first appeared as a class in a local show in 1894. In 1916, the Fell Pony Society was founded, partly as a result of the desire to cross Arab horses with the compact, fleet and strong Fell pony and produce ideal polo ponies!

Members also enjoyed a talk by Roger Robson on the history of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling at this month’s meeting.