The Rev. Helen Mary Brett Young conducted the service and at ...

Date: Saturday 31st March 2001

The Rev. Helen Mary Brett Young conducted the service and at the beginning read the Bishop’s pastoral letter. Readings were given by Mrs. A. Moran and Dr. A. Brunt. The organist was Mrs. D. Stockdale.

In her thoughtful address, Mrs. Brett Young spoke of how Jesus had widened the circle of our family and even though a lot had been lost, we still have each other to love and care for.

She said there will be an end to the crisis and as we were celebrating Mothering Sunday we should give thanks for it and, in the mean time, clothe ourselves in love.

Special prayers were said for all those suffering and bearing the loss of so much at this time and that they will find peace and hope again. She also gave thanks for all human relationships and for our life together.

The collection, taken by Miss M. Craig, was to be given to one of the funds for those suffering through the present crisis. Churchwarden’s duties were carried out by Mr. T. Coulthard.

A colourful array of posies had been made by Mrs. A, Moran, Mrs. E. Moran, Mrs. M. Toll and Miss M. Craig. These were blessed by Mrs. Brett Young and distributed to the congregation.

For several mothers who were unable to attend the service owing to present circumstances, a bowl of posies was placed at the foot of the altar as an act of remembrance.

Mrs. G. Scott was in charge of the refreshments which were served at the end of the service by members of the congregation.