American arrogance, UK sovereignty and Brexit

Date: Tuesday 28th August 2018

Sir, Earlier this year Sonny Perdue, US Secretary of Agriculture, made it clear that any free trade agreement must include agriculture. The UK must abandon high animal welfare and food standards and accept lower American standards.

A national newspaper reported that Alex Azar, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, in an interview with CNBC, insisted that he would demand that “socialised” healthcare systems, the NHS, pay more to US health companies in any trade negotiations.

US ambassador Woody Johnson, writing in another national newspaper, warned Theresa May that if the UK does not side with American sanctions on Iran, UK business risks “serious consequences” for its trade with the United States.

The leading proponents of Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, David Davis and other Brexit leaders. complain about loss of sovereignty to the EU despite the power and influence wielded by Britain in the Council of Ministers. Yet they never respond to the humiliating statements and demands emanating from US government officials.

When in 2017 the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, interfered in German internal affairs, he was roundly condemned. When Woody Johnson threatens British sovereign trade, not a sound, not a comment condemning his attack on British sovereignty and right to free trade is made.

Brexit is predicated on a free trade agreement with the US. Are we prepared to sell British sovereignty cheaply to the Americans for a deal that will brings the UK little, at the price of a substantial loss of trade with the EU and the collapse of British diplomatic influence to shape the future of Europe? Yours etc,


Gin Cottage,