Councils need to talk turkey over town loos

Date: Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Sir, When Allerdale Council handed over the Keswick loos to Keswick it gave a good lump sum to enable them to be renovated first.

Eden Council, with its customary obtuseness, is hoping to unload them as they are — rather substandard.

When they have another chat with Penrith Town Council “Town council ‘refuses’ to take-over maintenance of public loos” (Herald, 23rd December) they had better talk turkey and proffer a decent sum as handshake.

Your Comment (Herald, 23rd December) said it all. Our loos are vital, to attract visitors, help the locals and to protect public health and decency.

In his angling column Terence Cousins (Herald, 23rd December) talks of three-legged dogs. I have seen three of these, two of them agile farm dogs (one at Low Snab in Newlands and the other near Wood Head on the Luham Road), the other one muzzled (Macadam Way in Penrith in the 1990s).

An agile three-legged cat also used to visit my garden here in Town Head about 20 years ago. It could leap up on to the high walls. Happy New Year. Yours etc,