Cumbrian GPs hard to access

Date: Tuesday 18th April 2017

Sir, I, like many other Cumbrians I’m sure, was very pleased to read (Herald, 8th April) that our Cumbrian GPs are among the best in England. That’s fantastic and much appreciated; the only problem is accessing them.

Today, for the third time since Christmas, I tried to make an appointment with my local Birbeck surgery, where I am registered, to see my GP.

This is to follow up and discuss a health matter I have had, which has subsequently involved a number of exploratory procedures over the last six months, but is not yet in my opinion completely resolved.

During that entire time I have only managed to see my GP twice, one being the initial consultation. Every time I try to make an appointment my GP is fully booked up for the entire month ahead, as far as their practice diary goes.

I would really like to have that opportunity to know what his opinion is on the various results and discuss the whole issue, yet through the current unfortunate inadequacies of our overworked and under-funded NHS system I am continually denied that opportunity.

We may have the right to know what might be going on, one can ask to see one’s patient notes too, but interpretation by a respected and knowledgeable medical professional is required to make any sense of them.

What is a poor patient to do — just quietly roll over, give up, go away and live with it? Yours etc,