Health boss pay packet an “insult” to hardworking nurses

Date: Tuesday 9th January 2018

Sir, I have previously complained to Theresa May about the excessive salaries paid to chief executives in local government, the health service, universities and other public bodies.

It is now revealed (Herald, 30th December) that Stephen Eames is paid £265,000 per year for working across two Cumbrian NHS health trusts.

This amount of remuneration is nothing short of obscene and an insult to hardworking nurses and also those people who have to take multiple jobs just to survive.

Surely it is a full-time job for someone to manage and correct the glaring errors that exist within the management of the Cumberland Infirmary without having sufficient “spare time” to moonlight at the Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust.

Recently, three avoidable deaths have occurred at the Cumberland Infirmary and as yet nobody has been held responsible, despite the huge salaries paid.

Irrespective of his qualifications, why should anyone be paid almost twice the salary the Prime Minister receives for being in charge of the country? Yours etc,


Greenbank Close,