Let the bus have the fuss

Date: Monday 20th November 2017

Sir, Folk in Appleby will be well aware that the 563 bus service linking their town with Penrith was reinstated in September, thanks to Stagecoach taking on the route following the tireless efforts of the Friends of Eden Public Transport.

But perhaps many residents of Penrith are not so aware of the opportunities now available for them in the other direction.

Travelling on the 9-20 bus from Penrith bus station (9-15) from the railway station) gives you a good four and a half hours in Appleby, plenty of time to visit friends or family, explore the town and/or the open country around, or even make a business appointment. And the bus can give you five hours for several good walks around Temple Sowerby.

Even catching the 10-50 from Penrith railway station (bus station 10-55) allows three hours in Appleby for a leisurely lunch, a visit to the castle or some special Christmas shopping before the afternoon bus leaves the moot hall at 2-25pm.

Stagecoach will be reviewing the service next month, so why not take the opportunity now to get out to Appleby more — and if you’re used to going by car, let the bus have the fuss. Yours etc,


Sandath Gardens,