Living in a “battery cage complex” is just fine

Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

Sir, How nice to know that at Pele Court I am living in a “battery cage complex” for the elderly, conveniently near to the undertakers who will — in due course — take care of my final moments in Penrith.

I assume Margaret Clark’s comments (Herald, 20th July) are aimed at those of us living here, being the last of what she dismissively calls Penrith’s “retirement living solutions”.

As I look around my light, bright and airy two-bedroomed apartment I cannot think of anything further from what she envisages.

I moved here partly to downsize from the outskirts of Penrith but also to be able to walk into town either to do my shopping or attend the many other activities in which I engage. I consider this both good exercise (which we are encouraged to do) and also reducing pollution rather than having to bring the car into town each time.

I personally do not want a “retirement bungalow” stuck out somewhere on Carleton Heights or similar, needing a vehicle each time. I also seem to remember that during the construction of this complex, much polluted soil was removed from the site before building could commence.

As one of the homeowners here, it was great to be able to celebrate our third anniversary of opening at the weekend with festivities including a jazz band. We are, in fact, quite a lively, active and outward looking community, not caged in and awaiting our end.

May I invite Margaret Clark — and any of the other local councillors, whether our ward or others — to visit us. Our county councillor does and it is much appreciated. Yours etc,


Pele Court,