Our David can bring down Goliath

Date: Monday 11th September 2017

Sir, September is going to be a long month with more than just leaves falling off the trees.

EU Brexit Commissioner Michel Barnier is playing “hard ball”, demanding a huge divorce Bill. He obviously “doesn’t do God”.

In spite of our unfaithfulness, God would never sue us for divorce, he loves us too much. His promise to welcome back prodigals without forfeit or recrimination has already gone global, even Islam is looking into it.

This analogy, however, could fall apart with the latest news from the “mad house”.

MEPs have just asked for a further budget allowance of £1.2 million to fund a fleet of chauffeur-driven limos for their trips from Brussels to Strasbourg. This gravy-train farce (otherwise known as the “travelling circus”) is a concession to France, which insists parliamentary business is transferred once a month on to French soil at an annual cost of £175 million.

Jean-Claude Juncker himself describes the circus as “totally ridiculous”. Try telling that to founder-member France. Strasbourg hotels do very nicely, thank you.

Meanwhile, as autumn leaves start falling, something else is going up. Those “poor” MEPs, already on salaries of £89,000, can each claim an extra “general expenditure allowance” of £46.000.

Nearer home and sanity, our very own PM-in-waiting, Clark Vasey, is right. Politicians who win our votes by deceit are charlatans and deserve to be exposed. We hire our leadership, it’s called democracy. They don’t choose us, we choose them (the opposite way round to my God analogy).

Theresa May chose well. David Davies has an experienced mind and strong shoulders, well suited for this unenviable job. His furrowed brow and measured words tell us all we need to know — a steady hand is on the tiller, an end is in sight to the flaunting of our country’s wealth, extrication from 40 years of mindless waste is under way.

Our barney with Mr. Barnier resumes in October. We know his hands are tied, it’s another incoming “hard ball”.

Should we field a soft-Brexit Labour reply, or perhaps a Green/Lib Dem surrender?

Better still, let’s leave it to David. One smooth stone was all it took to bring down Goliath. Yours etc,


Isel Road,