Penrith residents stand ready to protect town’s Beacon

Date: Wednesday 12th September 2018

Sir, I was heartened to read the comforting words of our council’s new chief executive (Herald, 21st July) as to how the Penrith masterplan was morphing and changing constantly to represent the views of the community.

This assurance was endorsed by our MP as far as public interest in the plan was concerned.

Presumably then, the discredited and inflammatory masterplan (A), as illustrated in your lead article of 21st April, will by now have been substantially redrawn by our council’s consultants, and its provisions adjusted, to address and satisfy the strident alarms and criticisms so far raised by the parties involved.

In that situation, your readers must be looking forward to studying the morphed masterplan (B), which has been under wraps, but which will be released soon on public display.

My fear, of course, is that masterplan (B) might turn out to be another publicly (and indeed professionally) unacceptable dud like its predecessor.

This would, in turn, given the chief executive’s assurance, trigger work on masterplan (C). For obvious reasons, we cannot, as taxpayers, continue this process indefinitely at £45,000 a pop. At some point the morphing will have to stop.

If masterplan (B) does turn out to be a flop, my fantasy would be for it to morph into a large paper aeroplane, taken to the top of the town hall and aimed very firmly west towards Flusco.

As a post script, I wonder if anyone else finds it ironic that, after all these years, Penrithians are now having to protect the Beacon from marauders and not the other way round.

Hopefully, the authors of masterplan (B) will have acknowledged the strength of feeling so far expressed in the town on this particular matter. Accordingly, they will have made provision for the protection of the Beacon and the town’s unique wooded backdrop upon which it has rested for the past 300 years. It is our Mount Fuji.

On the other hand, they may not. Game on, light the blue touch paper. Yours etc,


The Pinfold,