Planning race will end in animosity

Date: Tuesday 31st October 2017

Sir, I write in dismay at yet another bad decision by Eden Council’s planning committee in pushing through another contentious large scale property development within the district.

This time it is yet again in the once small, peaceful village of Culgaith. This village has seemingly been targeted by the council to burden it with 57 new properties in order that it delivers its share of new housing to meet the council’s five-year housing supply.

The existing large scale development of Otters’ Holt within Culgaith already delivers more than this quota by supplying 65 new properties.

Together with numerous other small scale developments, Culgaith is delivering above and beyond the burden that was placed upon it by Eden District Council.

So I find it disgusting that the recent application submitted by Hazel Dene, which consists of another large scale property development and which drew in a lot of objections, was approved by the committee, giving little consideration to the local community and the negative impacts not only on the village but also on the heritage zone of the Settle-Carlisle railway.

Eden District Council mentions that it is soon to be on course to provide a 6.5-year housing supply. So why is it pushing through contentious planning applications in a race to oversupply the area with properties?

There is no logic and this is very much at the expense of the local communities the council is supposed to serve and protect. Animosity within the communities and also against the council is only likely to grow as a result. Yours etc,