Show of strength needed?

Date: Tuesday 9th January 2018

Sir, Following a previous letter on the proposed zip wire at Thirlmere, I would like to add the following comment which I feel is relevant to the application.

I would like to know how this application can be recommended by Cumbria Tourism when the applicant appears to be a member of the tourism board.

For it also to be supported by the national park, when it allowed Natural England to bully it into refusing the proposed zip wire at Honister, over the damage it might cause to some small, insignificant plant life, smacks of some collusion somewhere along the line.

I would be interested to know what response has been received on this application from Friends of the Lake District and Natural England.

I trust the show of strength from ordinary people might, on this occasion, have some influence on the outcome of this nonsensical, and potentially damaging, application. Yours etc,


Southwaite Green Mill,