Simple and cheap solution to Kemplay problems

Date: Monday 14th May 2018

Sir, I believe I may have the solution to the traffic problem at Kemplay roundabout:

Continue existing dual carriageway from Temple Sowerby bypass towards Penrith, road leaves A66 after Countess Pillar and continues through the fields to the north of Pembroke House and through Brougham Park. Build a pass under the M6, where there is a high embankment, near to where it crosses the River Lowther.

Eastbound traffic from the South would also use this underpass to leave the M6 (just like Tebay junction 38). Eastbound traffic from the North would descend on a slip road. Traffic bound for Keswick and non-heavy goods bound for Penrith would leave M6 at Skirsgill as normal.

To prevent heavy goods traffic bound for Gilwilly from snarling up Skirsgill roundabout, they would be forced to come off at junction 41 (Wigton) and would travel on to the industrial estate via a new road running through green fields parallel to the M6 to the northernmost part of Gilwilly.

Eastbound traffic heading for the M6 and bound for Scotch Corner would join the A66 at a roundabout near Countess Pillar.

Surely this is the simplest and cheapest solution to this problem and does away for the need for controversial flyovers. Yours etc,


Green Rose,