Street surveys show appetite for vote on final Brexit deal

Date: Wednesday 12th September 2018

Sir, As part of the People’s Vote campaign to give British voters the say on the final Brexit deal, we have carried out street surveys in Carlisle and Penrith during the last two Saturdays.

The results have been remarkably similar. In both towns 90 per cent of those who responded thought that Brexit was going badly.

In Penrith, 78 per cent thought it would be bad for the NHS and 70 per cent thought it would it would be bad for Penrith.

In Carlisle, 65 per cent would like a People’s Vote on the final deal and in Penrith it was 73 per cent. Both areas voted Leave in the referendum.

It is very apparent from remarks by Boris Johnson and David Davies this week that many in the Tory party are not going to be satisfied with the deal Theresa May negotiates.

It is more than likely now that parliament as a whole will not accept it. What then is the way forward? A general election certainly, but that may lead to stalemate. Or a People’s Vote on the final deal, now the terms for leaving will be known.

It is apparent that the people of north east Cumbria prefer to take the final decision themselves, whichever way they might vote. It will be interesting to see what the people of south and west Cumbria think when we survey them over the next few weeks. Yours etc,


(Co-ordinator, People’s Vote Cumbria)

New Hutton,