Time for leaders with backbone

Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

Sir, Theresa May’s Chequers plan has succeeded in uniting elements of the Leave/Remain spectrum in opposition. The plan will not satisfy the EU, which will continue to demand more concessions, and Parliament is likely to vote it down.

Leave voters feel betrayed but they are not alone. She blind-sided her own Brexit negotiating team, which raises the issue of trust for both Leave and Remain voters as well as her own colleagues.

What it has done for the public’s diminishing faith in politicians and the establishment is another question.

This Prime Minister has taken 18 months to develop this plan, misled everyone in her Lancaster House speech and lost a golden opportunity in the recent election by producing the worst manifesto in living memory. It is time to find the leader of which this country is in desperate need.

We cannot rely on traditional partisan politics as both Labour and Conservatives are split regarding Brexit. We should bite the bullet and get on with delivering what the country voted for — to leave the EU.

That was the only question asked on the referendum ballot paper and continuing to interpret the voters’ intentions only undermines our negotiating position with the EU.

Britain has come through far bigger challenges than Brexit but then it had leaders with backbone and the people had confidence and pride in the country. Yours etc,


Drovers Lane,