Town’s population to increase to more than 37,000?

Date: Monday 6th August 2018

Sir, “The masterplan will set out the council’s vision of how Penrith can increase its working age population over the next three decades, with 5,500 new homes in three new villages to the north west of Penrith and thousands more jobs.”

From this Eden Council statement it will be reasonable to assume that each home will hold four people, which would mean that the plan is to increase Penrith’s population by 22,000 from just over 15,000 to something over 37,000.

Its three “villages” would have an average population of 7,500. that is to say each so-called village would have a population more than twice that of the former county town of Appleby, four times that of Kirkby Stephen and seven times that of Alston, Eden’s other three acknowledged towns.

Indeed it would be difficult to name any large real village in Cumbria, let alone Eden, that has a population which exceeds one tenth of the proposed Penrith “villages”. At a time when Carlisle is also planning a “garden village” of some 10,000, or is it 15,000, homes, what’s really going on here? Can we expect similar plans for “market hamlets” outside smaller settlements.

The truth must be that there are elephants in the council chamber’s sub species projected population growth which dare not speak their name because irrespective of the uproar such removal of countryside would bring, who’s going to afford the houses and will all the other wide, wide range of infrastructure requirements (and jobs!) precede housebuilding which reflects the requirements of purchasers with the money.

Well, to hide these machinations, let’s convince the voters and taxpayers that we will be building model villages and by the time they realise that the wool’s been pulled over their eyes, we, like Elvis, will have left the building.

Tell the whole truth and shame the devil. Yours etc,


Middle Scout Green,