Lifelong Appleby resident who worked in family butcher’s for 62 years

Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017

HUNDREDS of people attended the funeral of Appleby butcher Malcolm Ewbank this week — a testament to his popularity in the town and beyond.

Mr. Ewbank, known as “Tex”, was a familiar face in the community, having lived in Bongate all his life and worked in the family business, T. M. Ewbank butchers, for around 62 years.

Born on 18th March, 1936, Mr. Ewbank was the first child of William and Elizabeth Ewbank, of Rose Cottage, in Bongate. Malcolm had two younger sisters, Margaret Dixon — who now lives in Nateby — and the late Hilary Pickering.

Mr. Ewbank was educated at the town’s primary and grammar schools before leaving at the age of 15 to go into the family business. Along with running the butcher’s shop, the family also farmed, and it was stock reared on the family farm that was taken to their own slaughterhouse and then sold in the butcher’s. Keeping all aspects of the business in-house was something of which Mr. Ewbank was proud, and which continued until T. M. Ewbank’s shop closed in 2013.

Ewbanks also sold meat from a van to customers in surrounding villages. Malcolm spent two days a week on village rounds to Asby, Hilton and Murton when he enjoyed meeting and catching up with the many country folk and friends he loved.

Running the shop alongside Mr. Ewbank was his wife, Eleanor, who survives him.

The couple met at a dance in Musgrave in the early 1950s and were later married at Kirkby Stephen Parish Church.

They made their first home together in a cottage on Bongate, moving into Malcolm’s childhood home at Rose Cottage four years later. They had two children, daughter Jill Mackey was born in September, 1956, and now lives at Pooley Bridge.

Their son, Trevor, was born in March, 1958, and now lives in Rose Cottage, having previously run the shop and farm alongside his parents.

Mr. Ewbank is also survived by four grandchildren, Jill and husband Paul’s daughters, Helen and Laura; and Trevor and wife Brenda’s daughters, Rebecca and Sally.

Around 30 years ago Malcolm and Eleanor moved across the road in Bongate to Hill Crest, where they have lived since, celebrating their diamond wedding last year.

During his youth Mr. Ewbank was a keen sportsman and athlete. He supported Aston Villa Football Club and played football himself for both Appleby and the county and had trials to go professional for Huddersfield Town Football Club.

As a representative for Westmorland Football Association he was a ball boy at Wembley, aged 15, when the last amateur cup final was held attended by 100,000 people.

Another sport he loved throughout his life was harness racing.

For at least 40 years he owned horses and bred them for trotting, putting his horses in to compete in races all over the country.

Through both his work in the shop and his sporting interests, Mr. Ewbank loved to meet people from different backgrounds and was very outgoing and sociable — a real “people person” who loved a good game of dominoes with his many friends.

Mr. Ewbank died at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, following a short illness.