Natalie strikes taekwondo gold

Date: Friday 10th November 2017

KESWICK School student Natalie Williams has just won a gold and a silver medal in a prestigious taekowndo competition.

The year 11 pupil, who lives at Whitehaven, has been developing her skills in the martial art over the last five years and is currently graded red tag/3rd kup.

To add to her knowledge, she has also undertaken a study on the formation of taekwondo for her GCSE English oral presentation. This has given her a fantastic insight into the historical and cultural context behind the origins of this martial art.

Natalie has competed in numerous taekwondo competitions across the UK. In October she attended the English championships in Gateshead and was awarded a gold medal for sparring, and on Sunday she competed in the Chang Ung Cup, near Glasgow.

The competition was fierce, but her hours of training every week paid off and she was awarded a gold medal for the flying high kick and a silver medal for sparring.

Natalie, whose ambition is to achieve a full black belt by the age of 18, said: “I’ve had an incredible experience and it’s great to have all the hard work pay off. There are so many supportive people and we have a fantastic instructor.”

She is a member of Workington Taekwondo where her instructor is Kenny Clark.

Keswick School headteacher Simon Jackson said: “In addition to exceptional performance in taekwondo, Natalie is also a talented student. This is proof that a good balance can be struck between academic studies and other interests outside of school. I’m sure Natalie will be very successful in both endeavours in the future.”