Crackdown on lorries using Castletown as cut through

Date: Thursday 13th April 2017

DRIVERS of HGVs which weigh 7.5 tonnes or more are being warned to stop using Castletown as a cut through to Penrith's Gilwilly industrial estate.

Sergeant Tim Parkin, of Cumbria police, said a number of complaints had been made to police about HGVs contravening the weight restriction.

There is a 7.5 tonne weight restriction in place which applies to Norfolk Road, between Cromwell Road and Gilwilly Road.

Sergt. Parkin said: "It appears that a number of companies are using this route as a shortcut from Penrith town to the Gilwilly industrial estate.

"The route from the junction of Cromwell Road and Brunswick Road through Castletown to the entrance to Gilwilly industrial estate is not suitable for heavy vehicles and the contravention is impacting on the quality of life of those who live in the Castletown area."

He added that over the next few weeks, there will be a period of enforcement. "We ask that those who use this route respect the restriction."