Motorbike fan gifts charity its own new machine

Date: Friday 10th August 2018

A DONATION from Eden man John Bowerbank has funded a new motorbike for Blood Bikes Cumbria.

Mr Bowerbank, aged 86, a former motorcyclist, wanted to donate to the charity as he felt it was an organisation which receives little publicity.

“I wanted to raise money for local charity. I hear very little about it, it’s a very good cause. That’s why I decided to donate the money,” he said.

He got in touch with Blood Bikes and decided to donate the money to fund a state-of-the-art Yamaha FJR1300 motorbike, fitted with all the necessary equipment and costing thousands of pounds.

It will have a dedication on it, stating it was bought by Mr Bowerbank in memory of his late wife, Irene.

Full story in Saturday's paper