Royals guests at the Royal Hotel!

Date: Wednesday 16th May 2018
“Royal” guests at the Royal Hotel, Dockray
“Royal” guests at the Royal Hotel, Dockray

THE Matterdale Community Association was honoured that the royal family found time to visit them at the Royal Hotel, Dockray, prior to the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — to contribute to the bride and groom's chosen charity.

Despite very few of the royals actually carrying any money, their aides did so, and a healthy donation has been sent to the Heads Together children's mental health charity.

There was some surprise that Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, gate crashed the event and even more surprise that he was thinking of building a golf course in the valley that would rival Turnberry.

Brian Clark, a member of MCA, said that the visit had given further stimulation to the hope that progress could be made for the building of a new village hall that he had told Prince Charles would be sustainable and energy efficient.

He concluded: "Having established a 'virtual village hall' last year, plans are now under way to replace the marquee with a permanent structure.

"It is hoped that this community facility can become a vital venue in the future for many events."