“First” for Eden firm involved in rock band tour

Date: Friday 11th July 2008

A SLEEPER coach owned by an Eden bus firm which is transporting rock band Whitesnake’s road crew on a European tour is thought to have become the first to enter Albania.

Wright Bros. (Coaches) Limited director Gary Wright, who owns the Nenthead-based company along with his brother Ian, is currently on tour with the band and is travelling through Serbia.

Gary, aged 47, who lives in Alston with his wife Brenda and has two children, set off on the tour on 2nd June and has so far taken in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holland, the UK, Belgium, Albania, Bulgaria and Istanbul.

He has just left Romania and is taking the group to Croatia ahead of its dates in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Gary said: “Most people fly into Albania and fly out due to the state of the roads. Also, all the borders were closed for years so I think we are the first sleeper coach to go into Albania.”

He was in the Albanian capital of Tirana for two days last week and is transporting nine members of the road crew. Speaking from Serbia he said: “It’s fantastic doing the tours but there have been some long drags. Yesterday it was red hot. To be able to see Istanbul was great and I get paid for going where other people pay to go.”

The Wright Bros. company dates back to the early 1900s , beginning with just a pony and trap. The firm also has a second claim to fame in that it is situated in England’s highest village.

It became involved in operating sleeper coaches for rock and pop groups in 1985 with a Spear of Destiny tour to the Rhine Valley. Since then it has transported road crews from the Michael Jackson “Bad” tour and for Beyonce, Pink Floyd, Tom Jones and Bruce Springstein. In 2006 Wright Bros. was employed by George Michael and last year transported The Proclaimers.