75,000 kick-ups net £1,500

Date: Friday 1st May 2020
Clockwise from top left are George, Freddie, Luca and Leo.
Clockwise from top left are George, Freddie, Luca and Leo.

FOUR football-mad boys have together completed 75,000 kick-ups — otherwise know as “keepie uppies” — and raised £1,515 for NHS Charities Together.

Leo Harington, aged eight, brothers Luca Manser, aged 11, and eight-year-old Freddie, along with their cousin, George Curry, took to the task in their own gardens in Leeds and Eden to rise the cash.

Leo, who lives in Horsforth, Leeds, is the grandson of Glenys and Roger Campbell, of Penrith, while Luca and Freddie are the grandchildren of Joan and Ian Curry, from Penruddock, and also now live in Horsforth. George, who lives at Motherby, is the son of Nicky and Helen Curry and attends Patterdale Primary School.

Leo’s mother, Sally, said: “We have all been counting individually and adding their totals each evening. Their aim was to reach 50,000 in a week but they managed to go further and reached 75,000 which was incredible.

“They had been inspired by Captain Tom Moore and wanted to set themselves a challenge to support a good cause. They have so far raised £1,515 for the NHS Charities Together.