A bethel by the wayside

Date: Saturday 24th May 2003

Sir, We were very interested in an item (Herald, 3rd May) in the “Looking Backwards” column regarding the opening 100 years ago of Bleatarn Methodist Chapel, near Warcop.

Whenever we motored out to Kirkby Stephen via Soulby we always looked out for that little bethel by the wayside flanked by three tall trees. The building was always so well kept and regularly painted green. It was looked after with such care and was always spick and span.

It was quite a shock, a few years ago, when we discovered that the little chapel had been taken away and only the three tall trees left to face the elements. We miss very much that old chapel which was to us to ancient landmark.

My wife was very fond of the little chapel as it reminded her of the many small mission halls (places of worship) in her native homeland province of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Yours etc,