A book for all fans of the fells

Date: Friday 18th October 2013

IT’S a Hill, Get Over It a new book by Steve Chilton is sure to please anyone with an interest in the noble sport of fellrunning.

The book charts the history of the sport, from its early days through to its current global popularity.

Whether you are a runner yourself, or simply an armchair sports fan, this book, part history, part personal account, is a well researched and satisfying read. It tells the stories of some of the great exponents of the sport, and delves into its roots, with chapters on the early races of the 1800s and the development of a race calendar in the 1900s.

Steve has included conversations with the greats of the sport including “King of the Mountains” Kenny Stuart, of Threlkeld, his wife Pauline, Tommy Sedgwick, Jeff Norman and Rob Jebb which cast light on their experiences and motivations.

As well as being a “committed runner” Steve Chilton is is a long standing member of the Fell Runners Association. It’s a Hill, Get Over It is published by Sandstone Press.

E. A.