Actions verging on brainless

Date: Friday 21st December 2007

Sir, I deeply resent the assumptions made by the chairman of Eden Council’s planning applications committee in his letter (Herald, 15th December) about Mr. Hoyle’s attempt to save his carbon-neutral home.

In particular, his comment that “it is understandable that his friends should support him” shows an almost breathtaking contempt for the judgement of the 23 Mallerstang residents who wrote in Mr. Hoyle’s defence.

He has won such a high level of support not out of misguided friendship but because people who previously scarcely knew him think the council’s actions verge on the brainless.

It is virtually incredible that any sane organisation could order the destruction of an attractive building, hidden from view, that has been part of the local settlement pattern for generations. It is actually beyond belief that it could do so to one that sets a template for sustainable development in an area where homes for local people are in such miserably short supply.

If we, the people most affected, are unanimous in our support, who is Mr. Turner to imply we are feeble minded?

I would concede that Mr. Hoyle had gone about this in an ill-advised way but I think it is a measure of the desperation felt by many people in Eden that they will never be able to get a home by conventional means.

I trust we will all remember what has happened to Mr. Hoyle the next time developers are granted retrospective planning consent when they, too, have broken the rules. Equally, I hope we, the voters, will remember what our elected representatives clearly think about us next time they canvass our votes. Yours etc,