Antisocial drivers on police radar

Date: Friday 22nd March 2019

POLICE in Penrith are to take action to curb the increasing levels of antisocial behaviour around the Sainsbury’s store and its car parks by young people.

Officers are warning youths as local residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with speeding and dangerous driving in the supermarket’s two-storey car park.

Cumbria police say they are receiving multiple complaints about groups of youths congregating and causing a nuisance through intimidating and antisocial behaviour. The issue also includes the Common Garden Square parking area between the store and nearby Premier Inn.

Inspector Jo Walker said: “Local residents are making their feelings known to Sainsbury’s and ourselves about the effect these young people are having on their lives. We are working with Sainsbury’s in order to find a solution.

“I would like to issue a stark warning to the youths who are causing misery to local residents that we will continue to take action against you and do our best to improve the current situation.

“We will look to prosecute repeat offenders when they are committing offences and will look at all options available to us. We would be interested to hear from any local youth groups that could be offered to the youths to divert them away from this behaviour.”

Police have prosecuted a number of people for vehicle offences, such as causing excessive noise, driving without due care, using mobile phones while driving, and exhaust and speeding offences.

The force is working closely with Sainsbury’s, which is banning from the store youths who have been causing problems.

Police are appealing for any information to be reported via 101 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.