Anyone for Skwimming?

Date: Friday 16th August 2019

LAZONBY swimming pool is thought to be the first in the UK to run Skwim sessions.

Skwim is popular in America and the Eden pool has introduced an adapted version of the sport, which is fast-paced and played with a soft foam disk that skims across the surface of the water. Team members sling the disk to one another and can score by skimming it into their opponents’ floating goal.

The sport was invented and developed in the USA and organisers say Lazonby pool is the first pool in the UK to host an introduction to it.

People from far and wide have travelled to the pool for demonstrations and to play several competitive games.

Instructor Luke Brown said: “This is something you can sling around the pool and feel comfortable. You are not going to hurt anybody. The disk is soft, safe and sails smoothly on the water.

“It’s a team game. It’s a combination of water polo and ultimate Frisbee, but easier, with a soft, flexible disc. It is welcoming to people of any age.”

The next Skwim sessions will take place on Thursday from 7pm.

RIGHT: Swimmers at Lazonby try their hands at Skwim.