Bronze Age finds in Upper Eden declared treasure

Date: Friday 22nd March 2019

BRONZE Age copper alloy spear and axe heads, found near Kirkby Stephen and dating back to between 900 and 800BC, were identified as treasure at an inquest on Thursday.

Cumbria coroner Kirsty Gomersal heard evidence about the finds, made with a metal detector, between 8th and 11th October last year in a field in Upper Eden.

Lydia Prosser, finds liaison officer for Cumbria and Lancashire, and Neil Wilkin, of the British Museum, gave written evidence confirming the provenance of the treasure. At the hearing at Kendal, Ms Gomersal said that under the Treasure Act 1996 items should be declared as treasure trove if they are more than 300 years old and contain at least 10 per cent precious metal.

The hoard also included six items of copper alloy globular waste clusters.

Ms Gomersal said: “The items are of prehistoric age. The axe head was of copper alloy, light brown in colour except on one corner where it had been chipped, and is of a green-like colour. The spear head was fragmented into 12 pieces.”

Now the items have been declared treasure, they can be acquired by a museum if any is interested and the finder is given a reward. Ms Gomersal said Penrith and Eden Museum had expressed an interest in acquiring the objects, for which no value was given.