Call for proposals to be tweaked, not scrapped

Date: Friday 18th January 2019

A THIRD Penrith masterplan petition has been launched — but unlike two previous campaigns this asks that it should “evolve” instead of being scrapped.

Evolve Penrith has been organised by Jonathan Davies, who describes himself as a local resident and business owner.

Mr Davies said campaigners against the masterplan had not offered much in the way of alternative proposals, but he agreed that public involvement over the future of both Penrith and Eden was vital to deliver a plan that had a vision to deliver a sustainable town, community and economic future for residents “both now and beyond 2050”.

He added: “We believe that Eden Council has put forward a plan that, although it has areas that need tweaks, is one that can, with the involvement of the people of Penrith and Eden, be formed into a working plan for the area.

“We are calling on Eden Council to ensure that the investment made in the Penrith masterplan is not wasted. Both time and money have been invested that belongs to the residents of Eden — as both voters and council tax payers.

“Following discussions and meetings with a number of locals today we launch a petition calling on Eden Council to ensure the current masterplan is not abandoned and the public thoughts and views given are integrated into a plan for Penrith.”

He said it should not only plan for new developments but also ensure the heart of Penrith was fit for the future by securing the high street, schools, homes, employment opportunities and the hospital for residents.

In addition, he said the proposed Penrith 2050 masterplan should deliver a sound management plan to reduce town centre traffic.

The petition can be signed online at