Day to remember for Warcop children

Date: Friday 14th October 2016

BUSLOADS of children and staff from Warcop School piled into Musgrave’s church field, and then into St. Theobald’s, “the church by the river”, for harvest celebrations.

Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and friends also filled the little church to bursting. Most children sat on rugs on the floor, leaving pews and chairs for adults.

Speaking on behalf of the church, Joy Thompson welcomed everyone. Headteacher Sally Linsley outlined the program, and the Rev. Sarah Lunn, team rector of Appleby, presided for the children’s harvest service.

Each class performed a lively harvest song with actions and year six a lively poem. Sarah held everyone’s attention as she invited them to discover how many words they could make from “harvest”, the letters being held up by volunteers.

A luscious tea in the tithe barn followed, served by Jackie Featherstone, Pauline Storey and Elisabeth Hodgson. While parents sat chatting in the warm sunshine, the children ran around the four-acre field on a treasure hunt organised by year six.

Such a delightful sight, with the great chestnut treess colouring for autumn, the River Eden flowing by and the sheep somewhat puzzled by the invasion, made it a day to remember.