Day we went to London

Date: Saturday 8th April 2006

Sir, On the day of the Save our Hospitals rally in London, we set off from Alston at 5am full of excitement and enthusiasm to support the cause the best way we could.

Arriving in London at 12-30pm in beautiful sunshine, we listened to the speakers and talked to the camera crews. Some of us waved our banners at the traffic and got toot, toot, toot in support.

Mrs. Eleanor Walton, our “lady” leader, had her say and shook her brolly at the Houses of Parliament opposite, saying, to the loudest cheer of the day: “They don’t give a damn!”

We then went to 10 Downing Street to deliver our petition and Patricia Hewitt dared to ignore Mrs. Walton but she did not get away with that!

We walked about looking for a cheap cup of coffee and sheltered in any doorway we could find in the face of the most torrential downpour. We had taken our northern weather lightning, thunder and hailstones to show the Londoners what spring is really like.

We looked at Westminster Abbey and the magnificent Central Methodist Hall, and glimpsed the London Eye from Whitehall.

Arriving promptly at our departure point at 5-30pm, we set off home with our wonderful drivers, arriving home safely at 1-30am with a fridge magnet tucked in our handbags.

It was a long 24-hour day, but we’ll do it all again if we have to. Thanks go to our organisers, Anne Davidson and Eleanor Walton, and Wright Bros. coaches. Yours etc,