House must be allowed to live again

Date: Friday 14th December 2007

Sir, We are hopping mad about the planners being so stupid as to deprive Adam Hoyle of his carefully rebuilt house at Mallerstang. Clearly they have shot themselves in the foot.

They have been so insensitive to the needs of recycling, sustainability and creativity, and the sheer hard work that Adam has put in to restoring Carr House from a wreck.

There are always ways around the planning laws. The fact that nobody has objected and lots of people are supporting Adam in his noble endeavour should be enough to make the planners reconsider their decision and admit that, although technically they may be correct, the overall view must be positive towards Carr House and its future.

We cannot believe that they are asking him to raze to the ground this historic 300-year-old house that he has carefully and lovingly restored, making it carbon neutral into the bargain. The planners have made a mistake. They must have another meeting and undo this reckless order and produce a more thoughtful solution, one that gets round this minute point and works out in Adam’s favour. He is a hero and should be rewarded as such.

If you take a look at the new KFC restaurant that has been allowed to be built right at the gateway to Penrith, what impression does this give to visitors to the town? It is an eyesore and an affront to our intelligence, not a step forward in healthy living.

The planners who allowed this must take note of public opinion that Carr House must have a stay of execution and must be allowed to live again. We do not know Adam Hoyle at all. Yours etc,

THE FAMILY LEITH(Tina, Paul, Laurence and Lydia)

Battlebarrow, Appleby.