Housewell aheadof its time

Date: Friday 30th November 2007

Sir, I would like to thank your paper for its excellent coverage regarding the enforcement order on Carr House, Mallerstang. As a member of the planning applications committee I was appalled that neither Mr. Hoyle nor his representative were allowed to speak at the meeting because nobody had raised an objection to his application.

Carr House is an old house like many others in the district. It is a scandal that our policies do not encourage local people to do them up and live in them. The repairs that Adam Hoyle has carried out to Carr House have created a zero carbon house which is well ahead of its time and should be positively encouraged.

What is the cost to the council tax payers of Eden of all the time spent on carrying out the enforcement order and the subsequent inquiry when we cannot get enough affordable houses to meet our existing targets?

What would the cost be to make Mr. Hoyle homeless and subsequently provide him with alternative accommodation? Would it not be more sensible to let him continue to live at Carr House? Yours etc,


(Eden councillor,Orton with Tebay)