Jules is an inspirationto us all

Date: Friday 3rd September 2010

THERE are many barriers to business in today’s austere times, the lack of funding available from banks and uncertainty over job prospects chief among them, but the uplifting story of Penrith entrepreneur Jules Burrell, which is spelled out on our front page, shows what can be achieved whatever the obstacles.

Jules, from Edenhall, has been named as one of Britain’s most inspirational women after overcoming a series of health setbacks to set up her own acupuncture business. Amazingly, she twice defeated cancer before embarking on a successful venture which has earned her a place in an awards scheme that recognises people who have beaten the odds to succeed in business.

Jules, who is hoping to earn a share of a £50,000 prize fund donated by Barclays, can take her place at the awards ceremony a glittering event a top London hotel in November with pride.

The organisers say that the awards scheme is a celebration of inspiring people who, in spite of great personal challenges, have taken steps to establish a sustainable business and in doing so changed the direction of their lives for the better, and there can be no doubt that Jules meets the criteria perfectly. Her inspirational story brings a feel-good factor to an otherwise uncertain world and we are confident that readers will join us in wishing Jules everysuccess, not just in the awards but in everything she does in the future.