Man tasered after threatening to kill police officers

Date: Friday 18th January 2019

POLICE tasered an Eden man who threatened to kill them and assaulted an officer, a court heard.

Steven Baglee (54), Town Head Farm, Sleagill, was at Hallbank, Sockbridge, when the offence took place on 15th December.

Mrs Pam Ward, prosecuting, told magistrates at Carlisle that police were called to the house shortly after 9pm. When officers arrived, Baglee was drunk and sitting on the sofa. There were signs of a disturbance, with an overturned side table, and he had an injury to the side of his head.

Police asked if he could stay elsewhere for the night but he immediately became aggressive and told them that if they tried to remove him he would kill them.

He made further threats to kill the officers while repeating “My house, my house”. He also said: “If you touch my dogs I’ll kill you.”

As one of the officers went to arrest Baglee he lunged forward and his palm made contact with the officer’s neck. A second officer tasered him and he was arrested.

Miss Rachel Dixon, defending, said Baglee’s wife had called police to the property because of concerns for his welfare, saying he had been at a party and drunk more alcohol than normal.

After Baglee was arrested he was taken to hospital and while there he apologised to the police officers.

Miss Dixon added that Baglee was a carer for his wife as well as working seven days a week. The offence had been out of character for him and, she said, was “very much influenced by the amount of alcohol”.

The court heard Baglee had four previous convictions for five offences, the last in 2003. He was fined £250 and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.