MP urges parishes to follow example of Crosby Ravensworth

Date: Friday 23rd November 2012

PENRITH and the Border MP Rory Stewart is appealing to all parish councils in his constituency to contact him directly if they feel they need and would like more affordable housing in their communities.

Mr. Stewart says he is keen to replicate the success of the community-led affordable housing scheme at Stoneworks Garth, Crosby Ravensworth, where local residents came together to successfully build 12 affordable homes in a traditional style.He has written to Eden, Carlisle and Allerdale district councils for support.

Mr. Stewart says he hopes to work with interested communities, in which a local group could drive, design and lead the building of affordable housing and establish a community land trust. He is looking to organise an event in Crosby Ravensworth early next year to showcase the village housing scheme and to offer other interested communities an insight into how they, too, can take control of housing in their locality.

“I am calling on all parishes in Penrith and the Border to come forward with an indication of their housing aspirations,” said Mr. Stewart.

“Crosby Ravensworth’s example is fantastic. It shows how local communities can drive an affordable housing project and succeed. It is not easy in fact, the volunteers at Crosby Ravensworth have put the most extraordinary effort and commitment into the project. But they have succeeded.

“It is not something to be undertaken lightly, but they’ve shown us how it can be done, and I’d love to support any other community who would like to do the same.”

Contact Mr. Stewart either by e-mailing him at, or by calling his constituency office on 01768 484114.