New dramas deal with dilemmas

Date: Saturday 2nd July 2005

FOUR promising new writers from the North West were welcomed to Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake for an afternoon of readings, which included extracts from the writers’ own plays.

Excerpts from the plays will be read after each performance of A Number, by Caryl Churchill the final production in the theatre’s six-month season repertoire, which will run from Friday, 29th July.

The tEXtPERIMENT project, supported by North West Playwrights, invited writers from the North West to submit scripts which dealt with the ethical dilemmas of science. Four of these scripts were then selected and are now being developed into full drafts of new plays.

During the afternoon the writers were able to present their scripts and hear them read by A Number actors Stephen Ley and Darrell Brockis.

Double-Blind, by Jonathan Higgs, explores the effects of technology on the way people fall in love. The Monster Boys and the Flood, by Julie McKiernon, is a tale of myths and monsters, which becomes understandable through science and art.

Erinma Ochu’s Fortune asks the question “Can love survive when genetics has other plans?” Crystal Stewart’s Skin Deep tells the story of the first face transplant recipient.

LEFT: Members of the cast and the creative and production team with the writers at the theatre.