Rail revival plan heading along different track

Date: Friday 5th October 2012

SPRING 2013 could be the time “significant steps forward” are made by the company aiming to bring back the railway link between Keswick and Penrith.

In its latest update to supporters, CKP Railways says funding for the next stage of the project, for legal and construction costs, needs to be on a more “industrial” scale.

Conventional sources of funding, such as banks and the Government, are unlikely to be available for many years and new and unusual sources and methods are likely to be needed to reconnect communities.

Cedric Martindale, the driving force behind the scheme, said CKP Railways was working on innovative methods to bring together all those who would benefit from the reopening of the railway. “CKP Railways plc hopes to be able to announce some significant steps forward by spring 2013,” he said.

Mr. Martindale believes the reinstatement of the railway would provide a huge step change in quality of life and opportunity for a large area of northern Britain, while costing a fraction of any of the Government’s current range of projects.

Trains on the Keswick to Penrith route would be provided by existing operators on the national network and people travelling to and from the area would be more likely to use local public transport, meaning local services and the environment would be winners.

As well as the obvious benefits to Keswick, Mr. Martindale said Penrith would also gain from having trains running to and from a new range of destinations across the north.

He said both towns had parking issues and a rail link would ease these problems and allow more trade with fewer cars.